The DigInTraCE External Advisory Board plays a pivotal role in steering the direction of our project, offering invaluable advice, critiquing strategies, and ensuring alignment with the latest sustainability trends and global best practices. Its members, bringing their expertise and experience, serve as our trusted advisors, contributing to the project’s growth and impact. The Advisory Board plays a crucial role in contributing to the success and effectiveness of the project. In particular, it aims to offer strategic guidance and contribute to decision-making by offering guidance on long-term goals, and potential challenges. Furthermore, the EAB will facilitate connections with key individuals, organizations, and partners, expanding the project’s reach and potential collaborations. It will also serve as a feedback mechanism, providing insights from an external perspective, fostering a culture of excellence and growth.

Below you can find out the members of the EAB, learn about their professional backgrounds and experiences and discover the collective expertise that elevates our project.

Meet the EAB members