Let’s trace the path to sustainability with DigInTraCE!


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DigInTraCE Concept

Process industries are working to find solutions to achieve low emissions and promote circularity through waste reduction and secondary raw materials use. The EU-funded DigInTraCE project will use innovative tracking, sensing and sorting techniques to develop a transparent and interoperable decentralised traceability platform focusing on the pulp and paper and chemicals sectors. The project will also develop dynamically updated DPPschemes supporting certification, quality validation, AI-based decision-making mechanisms for process and life cycle optimisation, and up-cycling, reuse and upgrade technologies for improved secondary raw materials use.

DigInTraCE will concentrate on composite wood and furniture, wood and pulp and paper, plastic parts from ICT equipment and the automotive market, and polymers and textiles.


To design, develop and implement solutions fostering and optimizing use of secondary raw materials and reducing waste as part of circular value chains.


To develop and demonstrate new concepts for material tracing while offering a digital decentralized platform allowing tracing and certification of secondary raw materials.


To design and deliver novel near real time sensing and sorting mechanisms enhancing data exchange through a dynamic Digital Product Passport.


To facilitate access to composition and origin of material data through smart tags, smart contracts, open software and the usage of immersive technologies.


To validate the DigInTraCE technologies in 4 different value chains.


Creation of business models creating new economic opportunities and learning resources for employees, promoting new digital skills and meeting regional social needs.

Project Objectives