Full name: Golnoush Abbasi

Job title: Senior Scientist

Institution: NILU

Areas of expertise: Circular economy, Sustainability in Supply Chain, Chemical Contaminants and Pollutants

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Short Biography

Dr. Golnoush Abbasi research interest focuses on challenges at the interface of policy and science concerning anthropogenic activities, environmental issues, and the governance and management of waste that may lead to the emission of pollutants to the environment and the loss of valuable resources, such as CRM.

She is coordinating CE-RISE (Horizon EU #101092281), establishing an information system enabling waste prevention and effective reuse, recover, and recycling of secondary raw materials. She also leads the PLASTCYCLE project (RCN #303182), mapping the stock and flows of plastics in Norway, and engaging with stakeholders (industries, authorities, municipalities, and consumers) to identify obstacles in the management of plastic waste. She is also leading REWARD (RCN #336617), establishing an integrated information system that enables data sharing among stakeholders and increases the recovery and recycling of valuable resources from e-waste.