We are excited to share a major milestone in our journey toward sustainability and innovation—the introduction of the External Advisory Board for our groundbreaking DigInTraCE project. This esteemed group of thought leaders and experts will play a crucial role in guiding our project, contributing their invaluable insights, and helping us steer toward a more sustainable future.

Why an External Advisory Board?

At DigInTraCE, we believe in the power of collaboration and diverse perspectives. The circular economy is a complex and dynamic field, requiring a multidimensional approach. Our External Advisory Board brings together a group of individuals with diverse expertise, each contributing a unique lens to help us navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities ahead.

Meet the Advisory Board Members:

Golnoush Abbasi- The Climate and Environmental Research Institute NILU, CE-RISE Project

Hanna Lindén – Acting Vice President Business and Innovation Area Material Transition, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

María García Camprubí – ITAINNOVA · Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón

Johannes Kisser – alchemia-nova

Francesco Alessandro Cuzzola – Politecnico di Milano

Kostas Kalaboukas – Gruppo Maggioli, Plooto Project

Their Role in Shaping DigInTraCE

The Advisory Board will actively participate in strategic discussions, offering insights, guidance, and recommendations to enhance the impact and effectiveness of our Project. From developing sustainable practices to exploring innovative solutions, their collective wisdom will be instrumental in shaping the project’s outcomes.

What’s Next?

As we embark on this exciting journey, stay tuned for updates and insights from our Advisory Board!

We extend our deepest gratitude to each Advisory Board member for joining us on this transformative venture. Together, we are not just imagining a sustainable future—we are actively building it.

Let us trace the path to sustainability with DigInTraCE!