DigInTraCE project will participate at the 11th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management with a paper, prepared by I-SENSE Group researchers, entitled “Unlocking Circular Innovation: Defining Integral Content for Digital Product Passports in the Wood Value Chain for Optimal Upcycling and Valorization of Wood By-products”.  The conference will take place on the island of Rhodes, Greece on June, 19-20.

DigInTraCE aims to contribute to a more sustainable and circular economy in alignment with the EU Green Deal principles. Our project is developing a dynamically updated Digital Product Passport (DPP) system to provide valuable data to stakeholders. This system facilitates advanced solutions in supply chain management, decision-making, and enhancing circularity metrics, all while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Our current research focuses on developing DPP systems specifically within the context of the wood value chain.

Visit the conference’s website here. Stay tuned for more!

Let us trace the path to sustainability with DigInTraCE!