DigInTraCE was represented by ICCS partners within the Waste Management Europe that took place in Bergamo, Italy on April 9-11,2024. The ICCS colleagues, Georgios Tsimiklis and Fotios Konstantinidis, drew upon their expertise from various EU projects, including DigInTraCE EU Project, to showcase their groundbreaking modular waste sorting solution.

The event proved to be a hub of meaningful discussions and insightful presentations, with ICCS partners delivering an inspiring presentation on “Improving waste segregation using customizable sorting systems, extended reality techniques, and methodological valorisation chains”. Their expertise and innovative approach captivated the audience, sparking conversations around the future of waste management and sustainable practices. The participation of DigInTraCE in this conference underscores its commitment to driving positive change in the realm of waste management, offering scalable solutions that prioritize efficiency and sustainability.

Let us trace the path to sustainability with DigInTraCE!